What it means to Step Up, Step Out

Step Up, Step Out… what does that mean to you?

Looking at this past year, huge victories have come about for the GLBT community:

  • The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • The end of President Obama’s support for DOMA
  • States around the country passing pro-equality law

And much more!

Even still, there is a need to continue the good fight and to Step Up our game as a community. Now is the time to Step Out and support your local community organizations that fight for your rights. So if you can, volunteer an hour for Equality Works, Identity,  the 4A’s, Alaskans Together for Equality or any of the other groups that promote equality for GLBT Alaskans. Get involved in the various social groups out there as well, like The Family at UAA, Spectrum at APU, AMP from the 4A’s.

We must relish in the victories we have won, but we must also work hard to continue the struggle until GLBT Alaskans are truly equal under the law.

That is why Pride must exist. Until equality exists throughout the world for all GLBT people, then Pride is necessary. Even after we succeed and all are deemed equal, Pride will serve as a momentum of this struggle and as a way to build community.

Still wonder why we have Pride? Read this link to learn more:


So as the weeks winnow down until June 25, will you Step Up, Step Out and show true Pride?


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