Thank You Sponsors of Alaska Pride!

Today is a great day to thank all our sponsors of Alask Pride, who by generously donating monies to help this event a success help to create two events: Alaska Pride Fest and Alaska Pride Conference!

Here are our sponsors (why not go on their Facebook, if they have one, and write them a “Thank You” on their wall or mention them in a post on your wall!):

Identity, Inc. :

Website: and Facebook:

Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line:


Mad Myrna’s:

Website: and Facebook:

Alaskan Aids Assistance Association:

Website: and Facebook:

The Raven:


Imperial Court of All Alaska:

Website: and Facebook:

Crazy Horse:


Great Land Infusion Pharmacy:

Website: and Facebook:

Art Services North:

Website: and Facebook:

American Civil Liberties Union and Equality Works:

Website: and Facebook:

Castle Megastore:

Website: and Facebook:

Pride Foundation:

Website: and Facebook:

Credit Union 1:

Website: and Facebook:

Don’t forget: Send them some love on Facebook by writing on their wall or mentioning them on your wall!

Want to be a sponsor? Email us at to learn more! Or find more information on our website:


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