A note to our Sponsors

Dear Sponsors,

This year, Alaska Pride was faced with a daunting task: Raising more money for Pride than we ever have before in a less-than-stellar economy.

We thought that reaching out to sponsors would be a daunting task. We prepared charts, diagrams, and numbers; we read studies on why you as a sponsor should support the GLBT community; we prepared presentations; and we even put it all in a nice and tidy packet.

We thought we would have to convince you to generously support and make this year’s Alaska Pride a reality.

Boy, were we wrong!

Instead, what we found was a love, dedication, and passion for Pride in our community that left us in awe.

In a year where we thought we would have reduced sponsors, not new sponsors, three sponsors came out of the blue to support Alaska Pride: Crazy Horse, Great Land Infusion Pharmacy and Credit Union 1.

In a year where we thought we wouldn’t be getting any money from the Pride Foundation, they handed us a hefty check.

In a year where we thought press coverage and media would be slim, the Anchorage Daily News offered us a great deal on a full-page ad, the Anchorage Press gave us a free 1/4 page ad, and Bent Alaska decided to cement its relationship with Pride.

Pride exists in all of us, and our sponsors are shining examples of Alaska Pride. Thank you for showing us what it means to Step Up, Step Out, even during these hard times.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With Pride,

Gail Palmer, Johnathan Jones, Emily Kloc, Felix Rivera


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