“Stepping Up” — Mya Dale

This blog is the second in the series about the recipients of the “Stepping Up” Recognition award.

Aside from Mya Dale, the other recipients are Michael Brenner, Heather Hamilton, Ben Masters, and Jay Hawj.


Mya Dale was born in Hill Air Force Base, Utah, nearly twenty-one years ago. At seventeen, she began to accept her attraction to the same sex. Eventually, she approached my mother about the subject. She held her close and refused to let go. She said, “Mya, I love you and I am going to keep holding on, until you realize that I love you no matter what.” Her mother and family have always supported her in all of my endeavors and they continue to do so.

She volunteers at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in downtown Anchorage and donates to Identity Inc. through the Adopt-a-Day program. She has participated in college drag shows and advocated for LGBT issues in the realm of municipal politics. She has also presided as president of my high school GSA.

Currently she is working on an event that celebrates people who identify as both LGBTQA and disabled. The event will coincide with Pride Conference as an effort to further stimulate the diversity our community. In the future, she hopes the event grows into an annual celebration of LGBT diversity.


Mya has shown a clear willingness to become more active in the community, and taking clear steps now to become a future leader of the community.

We are excited to see how Mya continues to Step Up, Step Out.

Congratulations Mya!


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