When is a Drag Queen not a Drag Queen?

(Re-posted with permission)

By Alex Barros

On June 23rd at 6 PM Anchorage will be filled with the most sparkly, bravest, and shiniest of our LGBT rainbow.  The third annual Drag Queen Bingo Event will take place on 4th Avenue between K and L streets in front of Snow City Café.  If you attended last year’s event you may recall fun, mayhem, community, and unity.  Two hundred of us crammed the Snow City Café for Bingo with a distinct twist.  Daphne Do All La Chores, the acclaimed Diva of Bingo lead a family friendly night of auctions, games, and performances.  Daphne was a wonderful emcee in high drag fashion and of course the popular DRAG OFF stole the show!  If you missed it, this is not the year to miss it again.  This year the men of AMP will bring you the biggest most fabulous-est event of the Alaska Pride season.  We have closed off 4th Avenue (thank you Municipality for being so pump-friendly) and we plan to fill the streets of downtown Anchorage with gender-bending high energy frivolity.

Drag Queens continue to be at the forefront of the LGBT revolution, as they were in Stone Wall.  We, as a community, have the opportunity to create our own Stone Wall.  In a city that continues to support inequality, it’s time to Step Up, and Step Out in DRAG! Let’s come together, let’s get dressed up, let’s drag it up, and let’s do a little pushing back of our own.  This event is loud and proud and draws a huge diverse crowd that is not afraid, and who will not be ashamed or intimidated.

Drag Queen Bingo has prizes, countless laughs, food, beer, boys dressed as girls, and girls dressed as boys.  Four makeup artists will be available to help you get your drag on.  Most of all we have community, we have love.  All proceeds from this event will support the outstanding work of the young men of AMP.  In the last year, AMP has done so much for this community where volunteerism and community building are the pillars that AMP upholds.  Join us and be a part of the revolution.  If nothing else you will have a good time, but if you join us you are part of a revolution.  It’s time Anchorage Step up and Step Out at Drag Queen Bingo.

When is a drag queen not a drag queen? Never, she is always a drag queen, but in Alaska she is a voice for change, equality and fundraising.

Please join us.

Drag Queen Bingo is June 23rd. Doors open at 6:30, show at 7 p.m. at Snow City Café, don’t miss it!

With Love and Pride,

Alex Barros

Director of Prevention

Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association


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