Pride Conference 2011 — Step Up, Step Out

Are you ready for the annual Pride Conference? It will be here before you know it.

This year, the planning committee is focusing on youth issues and bringing youth from all over Alaska to Anchorage for the weekend Conference, October 14-16.

Identity, Inc., because of the gracious fundraisers and individuals who have Stepped Up, Stepped Out, will be able to provide scholarships for GLBT youth interested in attending the Conference but need help with transportation costs.

Know of any GLBT youth who might be interested? Or someone who could get us in touch with GLBT youth in rural Alaska? Get in touch with us at or call the GLCCA at 907-929-4528.

The theme for this year — Step Up, Step Out — will be brought back for Pride Conference in a whole new fashion.

What does Alaska Pride mean? That is the question this years Pride Conference will try to answer.

Looking at our mission statement, “One heart, One mind, Alaska Pride.”, Pride Conference will serve to stimulate the mind. In fact, the Alaska Pride website has the following to say about the Conference: “Pride Conference fuels the mind for Alaska Pride, allowing us to come together across the state and plan our future.¬† Please join us, and youth from across the state, for a series of workshops and presentations which will ask the question: What is Alaska Pride?”

Save the date: Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16. More information regarding great keynote speakers, workshops, social events, and more coming soon.

Interested in helping out with this years Pride Conference? Email us at or

Join us as we forge the future for GLBT Alaska, from our youth who will make that future to those already fighting the good fight.


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