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Antonia starts daycare next week. She’s 10 months old and I’m not ready. But I have to pretend I’m ready or she’ll sense the fear in me and be scared too. And in truth she’ll do fine. She likes new things and little kids. People say it is harder on me than her and they are probably right.

Right now, my parents watch Antonia and her cousin on Mondays. Tuesday through Friday, my partner Kenna works mornings in the office, I work from home while Antonia naps, and then I work in the office in the afternoon and evening after Kenna gets home. It’s a tough schedule. I get home after bedtime – the baby’s and mine really. Even with our new, second car (a minivan, uh-huh, that’s right), getting groceries is difficult and we run out of basic staples. Don’t get me started on laundry, dishes and whatever it is mushed into the carpet.

Will daycare make things easier? I hope so but I already miss my mornings with Antonia.

From 8 to 8:30 a.m., after some dishes are done and before naptime proceedings, we play. I don’t do chores or work. I roll on the floor with her. We crawl from room to room. She pulls books off the shelf and I make funny sounds and see what will make her laugh the most. Our current favorite game is watching birds at the feeder outside the window. Mostly chickadees with the occasional magpie and blue jay and some other birds I don’t know. The other day a little bird with a redhead stopped by. Antonia watches them and giggles. She practices her new – and only – word, “Hi!”

“Heh!” she says again and again, waving to the birds. I wave to them with her. “Hi!” And then she tries to crawl off the couch because she doesn’t understand gravity, though she’s learning as she drops tangerine bits and what she doesn’t want to eat off her high chair and onto the floor.

Work, money and sleep are important and daycare will help me get what I need done so I can have these things, but I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it so we still have our mornings. And I know Kenna feels the same way about her afternoons. Baby loves does that to you – just grabs hold and makes you never want to let you.

And I won’t, but I will be able to come home earlier and be here for bath time and that will be pretty wonderful too.  At least that’s what I’m told.

Have you been there?  Do you have any advice for a new parent about to send their first child to daycare?

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2 thoughts on “Health Care and Home Life: Daycare

  1. Oh, hun. It gets easier :). I have four children and my youngest (baby) daughter, Emma, who’s three years old now, started preschool on her birthday less than a month ago. I dropped her off with my eldest daughter, Sienna (5 yrs. old), and they both ran off together to play. I went out to my truck, sat there, and sobbed! I had been desiring a break from small children so I’d have some peace and quiet but when I got home, I had no idea what to do with myself! It’s that first day that kills you as a mother…

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