Thoughts on Prop 5: Part One

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
-Nietzsche (not Kelly Clarkson)

Today on Let’s Get Legal we will bring you not one, but several posts throughout the day. These are our contributors’ thoughts on Prop 5. We hope that you will post your own thoughts in reply so we may share them too.  And if you’d like to contribute your own post on the subject, please send it to along with a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself.

Darcy Kniefel shares her thoughts

Do you know why I love the gay/lesbian/transgendered folks in my life?

Because they are amazing people.

The election results may or may not stand. But one thing is for certain, the Pride minded community of Anchorage took the shocking news of election night with grace, class, and style.

Does it suck that Anchorage showed it’s true colors? Absolutely! Did anyone vandalize No on 5 signs? Did anyone act out in a violent manner towards another human being? Did the Big Gay Riots local security companies had been warned against appear in front of churches?

Nope. No. And Heck No!

Instead, I watched person after person put their next foot forward. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. No one died, but we all got our Hulk Muscles on. It’s time to put those muscles to use and get the word out. Now is the time we should all ask ourselves, what will I do to get this through next time?

Equality is not a suggestion. It is a basic human right. Human. Right. I can’t wait to make this right!

Flexing my Hulk Muscles,


Read Darcy’s post from last Friday.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Prop 5: Part One

  1. What was good and healthy about the campaign is that, for the first time in my experience, religious leaders and organizations stood up for the human dignity of gay and transgender people. We were not content to let the big religious mouths co-opt the name of Christ, and turn the debate into Gays vs. Christians. The love of God and the love of neighbor as ourselves was the heart of the gospel–Jesus says himself–and there was nothing loving about the cartoonish demonizing of us and the fight for the rights of employers not to hire gay people, or the right of landlords to refuse to rent to transgender people. Now it is time for religious folk on the right (or left) side of this issue to actually get out and mingle with real live GLBT folk–so the commitment we share becomes not merely ideological, but personal.

    Love and best wishes to all.

    Rev. George E. Blair III
    Senior Minister

    First Congregational Church

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