Thoughts on Prop 5: Part Three

Our contributors’ thoughts on Prop 5 continue in Part Three…

Gail Palmer shares her thoughts

What some of you may not know about me, is that I moved to the Lower 48 last summer. To the Jersey Shore to be exact, where life is not nearly as tragic as depicted on TV.

Where I now live, there is a Gay Chamber of Commerce.

Where I now live, the state recognizes same sex Civil Unions.

Where I now live, Prop 5 would not be a fight.

But (and please hear me when I say this) where I now live, I have yet to find a gay community with the heart or the strength or the courage to rival that of Anchorage and all of Alaska.

As luck would have it, I flew into Anchorage International Airport on April 3rd – a historic day for our gay community. I still say our because I still feel connected. Just as I feel connected with our fight for equality. I supported the OneAnchorage campaign financially. I helped spread the word. I encouraged friends to get out and vote. In fact, I reminded people I was seeing on April 3rd that I only wanted to see them AFTER they had taken care of their civic duty. I did everything except cast my own ballot – because that would have been illegal.

And while I know my one vote would not have tipped the scale, it would have brought joy to my heart to cast it. I would have felt I had done all I could to support the effort. Instead, I am left feeling like I did not do enough. Just as I imagine you feel right now.

But let me tell you (and please, hear me again when I say this) YOU DID GOOD! You all did so much good. You did not back down. You did not fight dirty. You did not leave anyone sitting on the bench, waiting to join the team effort the next go round. YOU DID GOOD!

And you should be proud of our community. I am!


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