Why Alaska?

About me: I am a writer, runner, wife, mother, lesbian and Alaskan. My partner and I live in a small house in Anchorage with our daughter, who is the light of our lives even when she is spitting up on us at 3 am.

Why would I choose to raise my family in a state that does not recognize my union or my right to equal housing and job opportunities?

Because I love it here.

Trail in Russian Jack
Trail by my house

I love that I can step out of my front door and within 5 minutes be running on wooded trails where I might not see another person for an hour.

I love how friendly and welcoming people can be. After my first week in Anchorage nine years ago, I already had a date, a job and a part in a play. Within a month I built more connections than my two years in Albuquerque.

I love warm summer days, quiet winter nights, cabin adventures, hiking, and, even though my partner loves them more, bluegrass festivals and bonfires.

My brother and his family live across town. My parents even moved here from Southern California (where I grew up). My mom is one of my best friends, and my niece and nephew are huggable treasures.

I love that Alaska welcomes you to invent yourself, determine what the city or state needs and then do it, resulting in fabulous local restaurants, bakeries and businesses.

My partner is from Alaska and she knows how to take advantage of the Denali Highway and road trips to Valdez. She’s taught me how to drive on ice and taken me to a tiny town in Mexico when we needed to warm up and rest.

Baby on sled
On a walk in the hood

It’s true; we have a lot of homophobia still to battle. We have a lot of fear to address, and I wonder how people will treat my daughter because she has two moms. But look at those mountains at the edge of town, doesn’t that beauty and majesty make you plunk down and say, “I’m here. I’m queer. I’m not going anywhere but the backcountry for a ski.”?

Why do you stay?


5 thoughts on “Why Alaska?

  1. I love you and I’m proud of you. I’m extremely lucky to have you as a best friend, too.

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