Join the Big Gay Party

Next weekend we make a girl’s (and a boy’s) dreams come true.  The Imperial Court of All Alaska, the ICOAA, will be crowning the new Prince and Princess.  Who doesn’t want a tiara and the title?  Okay, maybe not everyone.  But is that because you hate sparkly things or because you don’t know what the whole thing is about? Here’s the quick low down. 

The ICOAA is one of the oldest courts in the International Court System.
The International Court System
is a group of communities who have come together to raise funds and awareness while throwing amazing parties.  Sure, there is a lot more to that and if Momma Jose, founding Empress of the system, were to read this she would be shaking a stick at me, but there is too much history to go in to the whole thing.

The whole system is brilliant.  Throw a big fabulous party and raise money for local charities.  I have been a part of a few fundraisers in my time, but none were ever as fun as this group.  Throughout the year there are elections and pageants to select title holders who help to lead the way.  Each time a new mind comes in to the ICOAA there are fresh ideas on how to raise funds and what we can do to promote a positive vibe in our community.  In the last 40 years the ICOAA has raised over $1 million, and that has always been one dollar at a time.  Drag Shows are just the beginning, they have done Strip Shows, Bake Sales, Car Washes, floats for parades are built each year, even a trash pick up/pub crawl through Spenard.

At the end of the month, we, and by we I mean you and me and the person sitting next to you and the guy across from you and even the girl with the Elvis shirt I got stuck in the elevator with, we all have a chance to come say thank you to our outgoing Prince Steve Smith and our outgoing Princess Alexis Kellie.  After a year of hustle and bustle, raising funds and supporting the Emperor and Empress they get a night off, it will actually be the night after their big step down because they still have one big party to throw.

Now you have the chance to vote for our new Princess and Princess.  This year is kind of a no brainer, there is only one person running for each title.  The gorgeous Shayden Moon is up for Princess and Shannon “Scooter” Niessink is up for Prince  Of course they still have to face the firing squad.  We will all be given a chance to vote “Yes” or “No” on each of them receiving the title.  If you haven’t had the chance to meet them I recommend you do,  They have both been approved by the Board of Director’s, and I think I can say they have already proven themselves in this community as fun, hard-working people.

The evening will be themed: Mariachi Masquerade, and will be held at Mad Myrna’s in downtown Anchorage on Saturday, April 28 at 9pm.  I am not sure how they will ever squish a tiara over a sombrero, but that’s half the fun.  I hope to see you all out there, and if you have any questions about the court or it’s events drop me a line.  I admit I don’t know every little detail, but I also know I can finish the history of Sweden faster than the history of the International Court System.  Truth be told, the history of the court is a lot more fun. Do you have an idea, is there something you want to see happen?  Drop me a line and I will pass it on to the powers that be, better yet come join the Big Gay Party and make a difference in your community.

About the Author:
Darcy Kniefel was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.  She has been everything from a waitress on the Kenai Peninsula to the Promotions Director for Chilkoot Charlie’s, she currently runs a restaurant for a local brewery and hosts a weekly pub quiz at a downtown ale house.  Darcy was Princess Inabsentia for several years while she was gallivanting about the islands and was Baroness III of all Spenard.  You can find her out and about town, usually with a good friend and smile on her face.  She once helped design lighting for RuPaul, just once.


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