A Few Affairs to Remember

There is a lot rolling  in my head these days, so you are getting the weekend fun scene in parts. Just think of it as a well-balanced meal of fabulous things to do with your weekend. A healthy, happy diet of Spring Affairs!

A Night to Remember…

I never went to my prom. The closest I had to a prom involved a horrible white dress, a corsage, and roller skates. Yes, he took me roller skating people! So last weekend when I had the chance to go to a prom I jumped on it. I have not started dating outside my legal age, I was asked to help chaperone Pride Prom. Out North hosted teens from all over Anchorage and it was exactly what a prom should be. Everyone dressed up, the main dance room had a great DJ and some guest entertainers. There was the usual weird start, where everyone is standing off to a side, and then finally someone dances and then everyone is dancing and before you know it the room smells like a high school gym. Fabulous! I love that this whole thing happened, first because I got to go to a Prom, I had three gorgeous dates, and I didn’t have to put out! Second, watching those kids get through those first awkward moments and then enjoying a night that they will never forget reminded me that every now and then you have to do something that you never want to forget. If you haven’t done it recently maybe it’s time.

Dust off your Maracas…

My last blog was about the ICOAA and the upcoming election of the new Prince and Princess. It all happens this Saturday night, April 28 at 8pm in the grand showroom of Mad Myrna’s. Definitely do not miss this show. The theme is Mariachi Masquerade and I have been rolling this over in my wee head for quite a while. This is the kind of event you want to be in proper gear, but what is Mariachi Masquerade?  I have a  few options, Zorro Mask and a poncho or gaucho boots and a Tecate hat. I’m also seeing flared skirts and over sized maracas. For me, half the fun of going out is finding some ridiculous outfit to go with the theme, so come join me Saturday night and see what I come up with. I think a margarita is in order as I get ready for this one.

Put it in your Mouth…

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Bourbon Creme Frosting and Candied Bacon Crumbles.  Now that I have your attention mark your calendar for Sunday May 6 at 4pm. The Scott Turner Memorial Bake Sale is on! Okay, first off for those of you that know Scott Turner, he is not dead. Scott was a great friend who moved away last year. Scott started an annual bake sale 10 years ago and when he announced he was moving out of Alaska one of my first thoughts was “Who will do the Bake Sale?”. Scott was nice enough to give the event to myself and a few friends so we can carry on the great tradition. The Bake Sale is always a blast and done with a great sense of humor.  If you would like to make a donation to the Bake Sale, baked goods, gift certificate or any other baking type item please drop me a line at lucky_darcy@yahoo.com. Otherwise just come join us for a fun afternoon fundraiser.  All the money raised goes directly to the 4A’s of Alaska. When was the last time you were heroic just for eating a cupcake?

So there you have it, magical nights, maracas and carbs all piled together.  I warned you I was all over the place.  The Spring air has gotten to me! Have a great weekend!

About the Author
Darcy Kniefel was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.  She has been everything from a dishwasher in a remote lodge to a Cruise Director on the seven seas, she currently runs a restaurant for a local brewery and hosts a weekly pub quiz at a downtown ale house.  Darcy was voted Best Fag Hag in the 2011 Trollop awards and was Baroness III of all Spenard.  You can find her out and about town, usually with a good friend and a smile on her face.  She was once motor boated by a member of ZZ Top.


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