What is Pride?

Happy Pride everyone!

On this beautiful day we want to remind everyone about the true meaning of Pride.

Pride is a place for our community to gather and celebrate, but it is not just a party.

Pride is a time to stand up for our rights, but it is not just a political platform.

Pride is a feeling of being recognized, a feeling of being heard, a feeling of being acknowledged for who we are.

Pride is a space for us to be our truest selves.

Pride is an opportunity to reach out to others and say “you are not alone”.

Pride is a place where we can be loud, angry, happy, thoughtful, or vulnerable without judgement.

Pride is an opportunity for us to be open about our girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, wives, husbands, and lovers without fear.

Pride is for everyone because we should all be celebrated and valued for our uniqueness.

Thank you for joining us today in our celebration.

We hope you take our theme to heart:


2 thoughts on “What is Pride?

  1. Okay, I’m for all of that, but seriously explain to me the purpose of ‘lube wrestling’? (FYI, what I am about to say, I’m saying as an LGBT woman) If anything having events like that undermines the credibility of LGBT advocates, gives ground to opponents who claim the LGBT lifestyle is ‘unnatural’, reinforces certain stereotypes, and makes it hard for others in the public sphere to take LGBT issues seriously. With all the anti-LGBT legislation flying around, not to mention the fallout of Prop 5, I would think our time would be better spent eliminating, rather than providing ammo to LGBT opponents. – RK

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