Dancing In The Streets 2013

When I think of music I think about how music brings all types of people together to rejoice in a common setting; I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more with our festival celebration status integrating the freedom to dance. What does it mean to dance the parade route this year? It means a lot. Dancing without borders, judgments or concerns and embracing the part of Pride that means the most to those who celebrate.

On a personal level, music means individual connectivity to a group an artist or a culture. Dancing In The Streets is no different. We all connect with the musicians, as they connect to the GLBT community worldwide. Musicians are some of our greatest allies and they acclaim the LGBT community in raising them up and gaining major exposure. The old adage, you find better music in a gay club rings pretty true globally, and Alaska is no different.

Dancing and the form is the most basic display of outward interpretation of our physical embodiment. The multiple forms reflect diversity in culture but always emphasize the pinnacle of human form and life. To dance in the streets during OUR STATE OF PRIDE reflects our love and confidence in our culture and lives. It is time to dance in the streets to embrace our culture and our lives.


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