Can’t Erase Queer.

I think about this every day, what my life would be like if I were heterosexual or hetero-normative and the answers are vast and ever-changing.

The month of Pride, globally and nationally. The support from allies, the multitudes of diversity in our Queer spectrum. The battles we fight daily just to be a part of society that is not considered lesser for who we are as people and contributing members of society. The constant discussion for civil and equal rights and the conversations with strangers and people who disagree with how we were made in an image of Divine perfection as granted to all of humanity.

This is what we face every day of our true lives. The truth, meaning there is still much work to be done on the forefront of this conversation. Although minds are changing, there are still folks among us who wonder why we need marriage and rights..

I hope none of us ever have to deal with not being there with our loved one and companions in the hospital during emergencies just because we are not legally wed. The thought of having to sit alone or even among friends as a life companion passes away is reason enough to request that we be offered equality.

All of us have been in situation where someone disagrees so intently on who we are that we are the target of their negative tactics for no other reason than our gender orientation and sexual identity. People in our community are still being verbally and physically assaulted for their orientation, but we can’t wash this off, we can’t change this, as much as it could seem a good idea to become str8, this would only become a facade and the truth isn’t out there as much as it is in our hearts and minds. We know if there were ever another way of being that brought that kind of peace to our souls and minds, we would all sign up for it in a heartbeat, but you can’t erase Queer.

Pride offers a great place to come together and recognize people for their bravery and welcome those among us who are similar to ourselves and feel the same in the physiological aspect of what it means to carry this historic banner.

We remember those we have lost and the struggles of those who came before us. We recognize the courage and the love and lives of those people in our community who are perfectly different from traditional gender stereotypes and we make a stand and communicate to the rest of the community that we are just as welcome in our towns and cities and take pride in being members of the bigger picture.

We have been bullied and threatened and we have all wished upon the stars to make us normal at least once in our lives for whatever reason, and we have stood up for the younger generations of people who grow up with similar treatment. Currently we have great opportunity to shift the history of our nation. We’re on the right side of this challenge, because all people are created equal, and for eons we have been oppressed socially and legally, but it comes down to the truth; no matter how much work society does, and no matter what advances in technologies offer, we are here to contribute and be part of humanity, because you can’t erase Queer.


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