Women, you are beautiful

Several members of my running group and I were standing around after the workout, trying to convince one of the women that the guy who had been so nice to her wanted to sleep with her.

She was in denial. “I’ve had twins,” she protested. “No one wants to see that.”

Oh, but they do we assured her.

“Listen to the lesbian,” my coach said as I agreed that sex was the guy’s ultimate goal. “She knows.”

It’s true. I do know. I’ve been on both sides of that tango. The hunter and the hunted.

Painting by Kenna Bates
You sexy thang

“I don’t think women know how beautiful they are,” another woman said. We had started to gather a small crowd as more people finished the intervals and saw us laughing, but I don’t think enough heard the comment.

Women should hear it though. They should know it.

You are beautiful. You with your C-section scars, you with your curvy thighs, you with your laugh lines, you with your boobs tugged apart from age or breastfeeding or gone altogether from cancer. You are sexy and amazing.

I think that as a lover of women, I have an advantage. I know intimately how beautiful and sensuous we can be. My partner and I have been together nine years. We’ve lost weight and gained weight, sprouted gray hairs, and woken each other up with our snores, but I tell you what, she gets sexier every single day. I don’t know how this is possible I just know that it is.

Every woman has something wonderful to offer, something delicious, something that is exactly what someone else is looking for. The dilemma shouldn’t be if he really wants you but is he or she worth it, worth me?

Laura Carpenter lives with her partner and daughter in Anchorage. She wants to give a shout out to all the employers that offer domestic partner benefits. Thank you.


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