Thank you, Identity and Alaska Pride!

Thank you to everyone who helped put on Alaska Pride this year. I had a lot of fun at the events I attended and wished I could have gone to more.

Got bubbles?
Antonia liked the bubbles the Pride Play Date. (though I didn’t get any good pictures there…)

My favorite parts were:

  • Seeing people I haven’t seen in a while
  • Hanging out in public with my partner’s arm around my waist
  • Being so gay and having it be okay!
  • The sun
  • Watching the young lesbians and re-living my days of young dyke hotness
  • Bringing my daughter to queer-friendly activities

Alaska isn’t perfect but it is my home and I want to stay. I am so grateful for our State of Pride.



Laura Carpenter lives in Anchorage with her partner and daughter. She’s already looking forward to Pride next year.

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